Picking Apples and Berries in Potsdam

As one of us usually works in the cafe over the weekend (often both of us) Monday is our Sunday. Specifically “Family Day” . We usually send the kita (Kindergarten) a message in the morning to say the kids won’t be coming in today and can all physics homework be left in their locker.

For today’s adventure we headed to Potsdam for a day in the fields picking apples. The sky was overcast (which was actually perfect) and it was one of the first cool days in a while. We managed to get some nice ripe apples and hit the berry bushes too. A couple of things to keep in mind :

  • wear boots or wellies as the ground can be quite rough

  • Monday is not the best day to go picking especially for berries as the weekend crowds get most of the good stuff although we fared well

  • Finally Make sure to check out multiple apple rows as usually different rows have different species of trees and if your making a pie like we were a mix of apples makes the best pie.

Overall we picked a lot of nice apples of which you can see us using in our next post.

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